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Hi :)

I'm expanding my photography area: 
- photoshoots, 
- commercials 
- and my photo workshop

Do you know or you could recommend international photo agents that I could reach to support this expansion?  

I'm looking mostly for agents in Europe and USA.

thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Tomasz,

I’m looking at this journal entry since yesterday and I found only the time today to do a little research on you running several of my own software programs which are extremely of value as they give the true state of an Artists Art work & “Online Presence’ globally helping me with my main work which is the promotional work for Artists, Models, Photographers, Stylists & businesses etc. and that worldwide for a few years now so I’m not at all surprised to see from a professional person like you an entry like this!

Simple not surprised at all as it seems that the professional site of your type or line of photography has by far to many very-very good photographers especially looking at Poland now as I do there a lot of work with many different people (not even counting the rest of the Eastern European countries) and where it seems that in the last few years extraordinary beautiful photography has emerged!

Well, with that all said I found after only a short time running these programs (usually can be between hours & days) that your own Artists ‘Online Presence’ is quiet Ineffective out there and that not only in Eastern Europe, but in general globally! as predominantly all your available search entries are Links with no Value (except the Link of DeviantArt, but that is only if used in the right way as well!) therefore not working for you the Artist or your Art work at all as well as their are mostly all old entries from awhile back & mainly only Images which means none of these are in any way where promoted as such Individually! which is a great drawback & shame as their get forgotten very quickly as some of the many-many of millions of Images out there.

I sure myself that looking for agents could be Interesting by all means, but they would not do much else in any way what you would be able to do yourself before engaging with any of these agents yet already be acknowledged worldwide. Looking at this all generally not having an effective visual ‘Online Presence’ means having for a start an IN-Effective web site and / or blog etc. and I’m sorry to say and please no offense in your case they are both IN-Effective as effectiveness is not measured on the Internet by looking at the VISUAL aspect of it all, but by the availability of Information within sites, blogs (The Code) so looking at the code at least of the web site - that is not Informational at all as it is not only wrongly coded, but with that IN-Effectively coded which means so much as your own site, blog is AS IS actually is working against the grain – against you the Artists & therefore has NO promotional value at all because it will not be seen - AS IS I'm talking about!

Of course there is much more to it, but be ensured that there are ways of getting it right even after having a site and / or blog published including publishing Links with value for a start which would means refreshed Links in general and which also would give you exposure in a way to stand out ahead & above the rest not only within your own country but globally!

Regards aktell
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Submitted on
January 22, 2014


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